Austin just recently announced something that a lot of Mahomies have been hoping for… A book tour! He announced that he will be going on a Mini Book tour! The 3 dates are listed below with the date, location, and time!

December 9th New York City
Where: @BNBuzz Tribeca
When: 6:00 pm Http://

December 10th Chicago at Pfeiffer Hall Where: Naperville IL
When: 7:00 pm

December 11th San Antonio
Where: @SamsClub San Antonio
When: 6:00 pm

However if you have already Pre Ordered the book there has been word that you will NOT be able to use that book at the signing and will have to purchase one right then and there at regular price, but it has not yet been confirmed so that’s just a heads up of the possibility.

So will you be attending one of the book signing dates?!


Teen Vogue is running an incredible sweepstakes to meet Austin and win 2 tickets to one of his concerts in 2015,

The sweepstakes winner will recieve

2 concert tickets to an Austin concert in 2015

A Meet & Greet with Austin

Merchandise signed by Austin

Round trip airfare for two to the concert location

A two night hotel stay near the location of the concert


This is really an incredible contest you do NOT wanna miss out on!!!!

All you have to do to enter is subscribe to one year of Teen Vogue magazine and you will receive 20 issues for ONLY $10 which is an incredible deal in and of itself! and along with your subscription you will receive a free bag AND an exclusive Teen Vogue Austin Mahone poster!

So click here to Subscribe and Enter!

Good luck!

Happy One Year of Banga Banga Mahomies! Today is one year since Austin’s single Banga Banga was released! I can’t even believe its been a year already! I can’t believe how much he has grown up since then! Make sure you tweet the hashtag #1YearOfBangaBanga on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook!


And in honor of a year of Banga Banga check out 10 gifs from the music video here!



Do you know every single thing about Austin? Well J-14 Magazine may have some things you might not have known! Below are 10 Halloween Secrets of Austin’s!

Q 1: What’s your favorite Halloween costume you’ve ever worn?

A: Batman

Q 2: What’s your favorite movie to watch around Halloween?

A: Halloween Town

Q 3: Have you ever had an experience with a ghost?

A: [I believe in them] but no I haven’t.

Q 4: Do you still go trick-or-treating?

A: Of course. You never get too old for candy

Q 5: What’s your favorite Halloween memory?

A: Dressing up as Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Q 6: What’s your favorite Halloween candy?

A: Twix

Q 7: Which celebrity would you most want to dress up as for Halloween?

A: Betty White

Q 8:What’s your ideal group costume?

A: Power Rangers

Q 9:What’s your favorite thing to do around Halloween?

A: Carve pumpkins

Q 10: What do you think is the cutest Halloween costume a girl can dress up as is?

A: I don’t know. I think nurses are really cute.

Q 10: What do you think is the cutest Halloween costume a girl can dress up as is?

A: I don’t know. I think nurses are really cute.

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