Mahomies! Do you want to be apart of an exclusive Austin Mahone Pizza party?!

With just 5 total Mahomies?! Where you get to eat pizza and take selfies with Austin?! Well ShowMobile now
has your chance! And after gathering a week’s worth of information on how to enter
and how it will work you can read it all below in one place!

To start off, your show entry will be posted in the app anywhere from
a few days to a week prior to your show, and will be taken down 48 hours
prior to the event,

In order to enter you must have already purchased a ticket to the show!
The Golden ticket is only for one (1) person per winner plus
a parent or legal guardian
You may enter once per day (Resets at Midnight) and all entries cost 1000 stars per entry

If you are attending more than one of Austin’s shows on tour, you may enter for both
but will only be eligible to win one Golden Ticket

If you win a Golden Ticket, you will be notified Via DM on Twitter and emailed

Each Golden Ticket may only be claimed and used by the winner
Another great question asked by a Mahomie to ShowMobile:

Q: How will you find us, and know if we are the real account that won?

A: We’ll DM or email a meeting place then ask to view your ShowMobile account
to prove it’s you, so be sure your phone is handy!
and Austin’s team will be handing them out.

If you are traveling from one state to another to see Austin on tour you
are still eligible to win the Golden Ticket.

All winners for the Golden Ticket will be randomly selected!

Also make sure you’re Twitter is connected in the ShowMobile app!

So, this is everything you need to know about how Golden Tickets!
I hope this answers all of you’re questions!

Make sure you follow ShowMobile on Twitter at @ShowMobile & @ShowMobileHelp

Don’t forget to enter once everyday! Good luck! :-)

Mahomies! Austin’s 2nd tour is OFFICIALLY kicking off July 25th in Austin’s hometown San Antonio and coming to over 25 cities Are you excited? This tour is going to be incredible! Can you imagine if Austin’s Artist To Watch tour earlier in the year was already beyond amazing how good this one is gonna be?! I am SO excited! Below is a video of Austin and all  of his tour mates, Alex Angelo, Shawn Mendes, The Vamps and 5th Harmony talking about the upcoming tour! Oh yeah.. And Robert’s new tattoo.. So anyways.. watch the video below!



Are you seeing Austin on tour?! If so comment the date and city you are seeing him! :-)

Hello my name is Jeorgina I’m from the Bay Area. Let me start by saying how proud I am to be Mahomie and seeing Austin growing up.

First time I saw Austin was 2012 PopStar Magazine and since then I been watching him supporting for what he has done. I always try to make time and watch every single show or live Show that Austin is in even have every single Merchandise such as Shirts, Necklaces, Bracelets and try hang every Poster in my room and locker.

Not only I wanted see Austin but I decided that instead of going to Winter Ball I ditched it to go see Austin better and it was Christmas too. I first saw Austin in person on December 3rd 2014 at the San Jose Triple Ho Show that was so much excitement I was hoping to meet him but I couldn’t. But it was one of the best nights ever when I saw Austin the first time singing Say You Are Just Friend I couldn’t hold back the tears and I got so emotional because I still couldn’t believe I was so close to him. Ever since then it’s been my dream to meet him and my BFF Mahomie told me that I will have opportunity to meet him one day and she was absolutely correct she told me not to give up and he will come back. She was right after all I was able get M&G for him that day I found out I was going meet him finally I cried in my Choir class like i had major breakdown with tears full of joy. August 2nd at San Jose State Even Center I’m officially meeting my Idol that I always adored and watch him in every single step he has come. I’m very excited and little nervous but to be in his arms finally is dream come true to me. I will always support Austin and his music until the end. I’m proud Mahomie of 2012.



Huge thanks to Jeorgina for being our first submission! We love your story!


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Happy Happy Birthday Alex!!!! How can you be 19 already? Going all the way back to thinking about how little you were with #4YearsOfShootUsDown.. Wow.. You are growing up so quickly!! I hope whatever you are up to today.. You make it the BEST birthday ever!!!!! We love you AC! Happy Birthday! <3 :-)




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