In Austin’s recent visit to Brazil he stopped by a place in Brazil for an interview! It’s so cool to see Austin traveling to all of these awesome countries! And he it is so good for him and he is getting to experience so many amazing things! And the interview is in all English! haha, So click here to watch the interview!


The 2014 annual J-14’s Teen Icon Awards is here! And they need your help to nominate!

Below are the three category’s you can nominate Austin for!

Iconic Music Video

Iconic Song

Iconic Male Singer

And all you have to do to nominate is click here to go to the page where you comment to nominate!

Spread the word! Share this post and send them J-14’s way so we can work as hard as possible to get Austin nominated!


Mahomies! Do you wanna win this sweatshirt Austin wore during a performance?! Signed by Austin! Well ShowMobile and Bop and Tiger Beat are teaming up in this awesome contest! Here’s the sweatshirt!










All you have to do to enter is head to the ShowMobile app and find where to enter on Austin’s channel! And the deadline to enter is October 21! Good luck!


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